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St John's Ev. Lutheran Church

1108 E Lafayette St
Sturgis, MI  49091


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Pastor's Message

   What are some of the ways we say, “I love you?” We can show our love by spending quality time with someone else. We take special interest in what a friend or family member likes to do. We can show love by speaking kind words to someone else and about someone else. A nice gift can show someone we love them. 


   But what happens when love grows cold? Where is the love when life is filled with trouble and danger? Where is the love when people we loved and trusted turn on us? What happens when we feel unloved and lonely? What should we do when the anger builds in us because no one can be trusted anymore?


   We can turn to someone whose love never grows cold. Despite our lack of love for God and others, God still loves us. He showed his love for us by sending Jesus to save us. Jesus showed his love by giving us a gift. He has gift-wrapped eternal life for us in heaven. No matter how unloving we have been, God wants us to own up to our lack of love and receive his loving gift. No matter how unloved or lonely we may feel, God wants us to know that he will always love us. He wants to have a strong relationship with us so we can experience the many ways he says, “I love you.”


   Join us at St. John’s to hear more about God’s message. We are here to help you know that you are loved by Jesus. 


   “God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”
(John 3:16)

Pastor Darin Warnecke 

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